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In many cases, retaining walls are used as a decoration in yards and when they are made in a professional way, they can certainly increase the value of any property. These walls are also very practical because they can prevent erosion. Homeowners are usually surprised when they see how a simple retaining wall can beautify their yard. But, what many homeowners forget is that retaining walls need maintenance too. Even though we are talking about low maintenance this still means that you need to take care of them from time to time. If they are left untreated we will soon witness the accumulation of plant materials, mildew and dirt. The final result is an unattractive object in one of the most visible places in your yard. The good news is that cleaning retaining blocks is not a difficult task. If you use adequate tools and be careful during this process, the retaining wall in your yard will look as good as new. Don’t forget that in this way you will also keep their functionality to the maximum.

It is very important to take the material used in your retaining wall before you start with the cleaning process. It doesn’t really matter if you are cleaning a few retaining blocks or the entire wall. For instance, if you have retaining wall stones, you should be careful because they may react when chemicals are applied. On the other hand, concrete walls are more resistant to chemicals, but you need to use a different approach. 

According to many experts, the use of a regular garden hose with added sprayer is a must regardless of the material used in your retaining wall blocks. Begin with gentle spraying of the wall from the top or just the retaining blocks you want to clean. Just make sure that the complete area is soaked well. Since most of the retaining walls are close to plants and other greenery, you should take some measures to protect these plants and greenery like using plastic covers and other materials to keep them safe from water, moisture and chemicals. Now let’s check some of the cleaning options for retaining blocks.

In case we are talking about stone walls, use a powerful degreaser and pour some of it in the sprayer’s reservoir. Spread the greaser mixed with some water on the affected are and wait for 10-15 minutes. Next, use the sprayer (use it to the maximum if possible) and clean the wall from the top to the bottom. 

Brick retaining wall blocks should be cleaned with regular dish soap placed in the reservoir. Next, use an old toothbrush or similar brush to scrub the problematic areas. In the end, use the sprayer to wash off everything. 

Those interested in cleaning concrete retaining walls should use bleach in the hose sprayer. Stains found on concrete are more stubborn and they can’t be removed with a simple soap. On the other hand, chemicals can’t damage concrete walls so you don’t have to worry about that. 

Removal of stains and dirt from retaining walls is not a difficult task and be practicing this activity on a regular basis you will extend the life of your walls and keep their great visual appearance. 


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