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Taking care of your yard or garden should be one of your properties because the appearance and practicality of this area can affect the quality of your life and the overall value of your property. There are many different elements that you can use to beautify and improve your landscape and one of them is the use of a retaining wall. People today use retaining walls for different reasons. For instance, some of them are using retaining walls to refresh the design and style of their yard. Just like interior layouts, outdoor layouts should be changed and refreshed from time to time. There are also homeowners who opt for retaining walls because they have frequent drainage issues. These issues are very common in areas where the number of rainy days in very high even though there are few other reasons why drainage issues occur. With a retaining wall you can provide better drainage and rest assured that the excess water is directed where it should end. If this problem is not solved in the right way, you will witness soil erosion and extra moisture in the soil that can damage the greenery.

While it is true that you can install a retaining wall on your own, it is also true that using the DIY approach is not the smartest decision you can make. A professional hardscaper/landscaper can install the perfect retaining wall for your property. Once you hire a landscaper and you start discussing the details about the project, they will first focus on the way in which the wall can prevent water damage and guarantee optimal water flow. Of course, a design and style of a retaining wall that can blend in the landscape and make it more attractive will also be discussed. In other words, both the looks and the functionality are equally important. 

When you are making plans about placing retaining blocks, it is crucial to avoid installation of this element in areas where it won’t look natural. An experienced landscaper can easily determine which is the best area to place such wall. We should also not forget that a retaining wall must be built on a place where it can hold back a hill or dirt. They must be strong enough to cope with the pressure caused by the soil.

One of the best things about retaining walls is the fact that people can use different materials. Concrete walls, retaining walls stones and some new, sophisticated options like Versa Lok are just some of the options for retaining walls today. The purpose of the wall will determine the material used in it. Obviously, the landscaper will explain the benefits of each option and help the owner make the right decision.

As we already mentioned using Versa Lok is becoming quite popular because it comes in different styles, it is lighter, more durable, more cost-affordable and easy to install. Landscapers can easily incorporate decorative elements like plants, waterfalls and fountains into this specific type of retaining walls.


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