The Advantages of Versa Lok retaining walls in Pittsburgh, PA


Hardscaping and landscaping are a specific type of art. Thanks to modern technology and sophisticated techniques, we can create fully functional, practical and beautiful landscape. In case you have a slope and/or a hill on your property that should be held back, then using a retaining wall is a must. Retaining walls are not something new. As a matter of fact, people have made retaining wall blocks from different materials for hundreds of years. Of course, today we have the opportunity to choose from different retaining wall systems. One of these retaining wall systems that has grabbed the attention of homeowners around the world is Versa Lok. 

Versa Lok retaining wall systems are designed from powerful concrete units. They are dry stacked and interlocked with pins and placed on leveling pads. In other words, Versa Lok brings the entire retaining wall  activity on another level. So, what exactly makes Versa Lok a good choice?

To start with, Versa Lok retaining wall blocks come in different colors and textures. It is up to the homeowner to select the best ones for their needs. You can choose between mixed colors or solid colors, more rustic texture or modern smooth texture etc. They also use a special pinning system that prevents the appearance of gaps between retaining blocks. These gaps are ruining the visual appearance of the wall and they also undermine its functionality.

Furthermore, Versa Lok wall systems let the landscapers unleash their creativity. Due to the fact that they can be altered and adjusted on-site they can be shaped in any way we want. Outer and inner corners with different angles, curves with different sizes – these are some of the things that you can achieve with Versa Lok. It is usually not possible to get some of the special features of this system in case you opt for concrete walls. Some of these features include seat, walls, stairs and planters. 

The installation process with Versa Lok is very simple too. The unique pinning system allows experienced installers to finish this job without any hassles and in a relatively short period of time. Even if you decide to use some of the special features we have mentioned before the installation process won’t require additional time or the use of special tools or equipment. 

The truth is that Versa Lok retaining walls are also much cheaper than ordinary retaining walls. This is another reason why more and more homeowners are interested in this type of walls. While it is true that the use of retaining wall stones has its own advantages it is also true that the price and versatility of Versa Lok walls makes them more logical option. 

People who are eco-aware will be pleased to hear that Versa Lok is a completely environmental friendly solution. They won’t affect the surrounding in a negative way which cannot be claimed for every retaining wall option on the market. In addition, Versa Lok retaining walls are durable, stable and freeze resistant. 

If you are thinking about retaining walls then you must add Versa Lok on the list of possible options.



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