In case you are wondering whether you need a retaining wall or not, you should take a few things into consideration. First of all, you should analyze your property and determine whether your property is situated or an uneven and sloped ground. Next, you should check whether the climate in your area is wet and affected by erosion and flooding every year. Finally, you should determine whether you need something to improve the look of your yard or garden. In case you have positive answers to all these dilemmas, then it is the best idea to build a retaining wall.

It appears that these walls can be used in many different ways and they bring many benefits to the owners. The basic goal of a retaining wall is to keep the property safe from soil erosion. There is no doubt that retaining blocks used in areas with heavy rainfalls can be quite useful. They are here to provide adequate support to the sloping soil and to allow proper drainage. In addition, retaining walls also bring many agricultural advantages which may be useful to some categories of homeowners. As you can see, retaining walls can be very practical, but they can also improve the visual appearance of any property. This is a very smart investment in case you are planning to sell your home because a professional landscaper/hardscaper can make a great wall that want cost you much. Even if you are not planning to sell your home, you can still enjoy the decorative effects of this type of wall. Retaining walls are often used for bordering different areas where specific kinds of plants are planted. So, you will have separate levels with different flowers, shrubs and plants.

Slopes and uneven areas come in different sizes and forms and this is the reason why there are different retaining wall options too. Concrete walls, brick walls, pressure treated timber walls are some of the types of retaining walls based on the material used for their installation. Retaining wall stones are also used by many homeowners who want to get more natural appearance in their homes. Modern technology has allowed the use of some specially designed materials and techniques for retaining walls like versa lok for examples. This is a very durable, practical and inexpensive solution.

Gravity retaining walls are also quite popular and they use their own mass to resist the pressure of the soil. They consist of concrete, large pieces of stone and similar heavy-weight materials. There are also so-called cantilevered walls, but their popularity is slowly fading and this trend began when the gravity walls were introduced. Their basic characteristic is their height. Namely, they are very tall and made from pieces of reinforced concrete. What makes them interesting is the fact that they need smaller amount of materials.

There are also sheet pile retaining walls, soil nailing walls, anchored walls and few other types of walls and each of them has specific advantages and disadvantages. 


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