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Installation of patios is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your garden and yard and to make using this space much simpler and easier. Getting involved in activities, eating or just relaxing outside – these are some of the things that people do in their gardens or yards when the weather is good and by installing patios, they can enjoy even more. The design and structure elements of patios are very important because every project has different requirements. The patios must be adjusted to the space and the shape of the area. Depending on the location, homeowners can choose a covered patio or uncovered patio and the material type used for the floor. 

If you perform a small research you will notice that there are many different types of materials used as floors like concrete, timber and pavers. Without any doubt, pavers are the most popular type of material used for patio floors because they are practical, they look beautiful and they increase the safety in the area where they are placed. Patio pavers provide more features compared to the other options. They are more elegant and trendy, they are extremely durable and they have safety features too. On top of that, patio pavers can be found in different sizes, shapes, colors, thickness and textures.

When it comes to the design, they can be installed in virtually infinite number of ways. You can opt for classic patio paver designs like basket weave or use some original solution with designs and patterns that are out of the ordinary.

Some of the materials used for patio paver are completely natural while others are designed and built by men. The most popular types include natural stone pavers, concrete pavers, brick pavers and clay pavers.

Natural stone pavers are often considered to be premium pavers. There is more than one good reason for this. Namely, they are very durable naturally, they have great resistance to different environmental effects and they are very strong. Patio landscape can be enriched with some of the landscaping stone options like flagstone, bluestone and sandstone. When it comes to patio pavers, these stones are cut specifically in paver shapes and suitable thickness and sizes.  They are both practical and attractive.

Even though homeowners can choose different patterns for their stone patio they usually select the irregular design because it makes their yards and gardens unique. The only downside of natural stone pavers is the fact that they can be quite costly. 

On the other hand, concrete pavers for patio are popular too, but they are more affordable. Obviously, cement is the basic material in their creation. Another big advantage is that people can choose between literally any type of color for this type of pavers. 

Hardscapers and landscapers usually recommend the use of patio paver design that matches the homeowner’s individual preferences in correlation with the space where the patio pavers will be used. They also recommend large pavers for small patios and vice versa. The use of dark colors is advised for large patios and the use of neutral and bright colors for small patios. 


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