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In case you want to spend more time in the outdoor living spaces and you want to enjoy the time spent there, then you should definitely think about patio pavers. Patio pavers today are made from different materials. Concrete pavers and stone pavers are some of the most frequent options used today. What many homeowners don’t know is that patio pavers need proper maintenance too. This is the only way to keep them safe and protected and extend their life. However, even well-maintained patio pavers will lose their properties over time. When homeowners are faced with a situation like this, they usually think about restoring or replacing patio pavers. So, which option is better?

In order to find the answer to this question, you should first evaluate the condition of your pavers. It doesn’t really matter whether we are talking about stone patio of concrete pavers for patio – every option has its own characteristics and you can easily tell whether everything is alright or not and what is wrong with it. 

Generally speaking, it is more affordable to restore patio pavers than to replace these pavers. In case you still like the design and color of your pavers and the basic structure is not compromised, it could be a better idea to opt for restoration. 

It is crucial to assess the base of the patio and the way in which it was constructed. In case you are witnessing extra movement in these pavers and the areas that must be stabilized and settled are quite large, then this is a clear sign that the base is compromised. Obviously, you can choose to repair these problems, but the truth is that the problems will reoccur after a while.

Don’t forget that every paver patio and even driveways and walks are built as unique system and if some of the parts don’t work properly the entire structure will become useless. The process starts with the digging and construction of the sub-base. After that, professional hardscapers use at least 5 inches of crushed stone all over this area and even it in order to get the right density. In parts where there is improper drainage or lightweight and low quality soil, these professionals use specific materials to support the base. Next, they use a one-inch layer of bedding sand right before they place the pavers. In addition, they use edge restraint elements and use strong vibration to stabilize them. In the end, sand is placed and vibrated to cover the gaps. 

There are many cases when people and even some contractors decide to skip some of these steps and this is the reason why some patio pavers last so short. The pavers certainly need a stable foundation.

In situations like this, it is the best idea to replace patio pavers. Restoration is an option only when some of the elements are functional. 

We hope that this article will help you make the right cho ice when you are trying to get the best patio pavers. 

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